5 Must Have SUP Accessories

Anyone who enjoys paddle boarding knows that you need more than just a SUP. To fully relax and enjoy your chosen sport you need accessories.

There is a wide choice of SUP accessories from fins for surfing, to rod holders for fishing. A lot of SUP accessories are only really useful for one activity, but there are a few which are must have SUP accessories no matter what you choose to use your board for.

best sup accessories

Everyone’s idea of what they do and don’t need will be different, but with so many options available we’ve picked some of the best to help you get started.

5 Must have SUP accessories

1. Waterproof bag

Every paddler should have one of these, no matter what they use their board for. A waterproof bag will keep all your valuables safe and dry while you paddle. You don’t want to risk getting water in your phone or wallet, or having your car keys fall overboard. You can opt to have a shoulder bag or one which fixes to the board, but make sure it is fully waterproof.

The SUP-Now Paddleboard Deck Bag is an excellent example of what you need on your SUP.

This bag is easy to use, as you don’t need anything to attach it to. It has industrial strength suction cups which secure to the board itself, leaving you free to concentrate on your paddling. The bag is a good size and has room for all your valuables as well as sunglasses or deck shoes and a drink. Included is a waterproof insert which is big enough for a phone so you can be confident that this won’t get damaged while you enjoy your paddling. The bag has a net cover which is zipped up so everything stays neatly inside. When it’s not fixed to your paddle board it has a handy carry strap so you can keep it with you.

The best thing about this bag is its design. The bag is lightweight and its height will only be as high as you fill it. Unlike some taller waterproof bags, this helps with the overall stability and aerodynamics of your board.

2. Paddle holder

Carrying your SUP is easy, but when you have a paddle and other items to carry, you can get in a bit of a mess. A paddle holder is just what you need to keep your paddle firmly attached to the board when it’s not in use. If you want to sit and fish or do yoga on your board, then a paddle holder means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your paddle won’t fall in the water or float away. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced paddler, it just takes one lapse in concentration for you to lose you paddle in the water.

The YYST SUP Paddleboard Inflatable Paddle Keeper will hold paddles of any width, as they have an adjustable Velcro strap, so your paddle will be kept secure at the side of the board. They are also very easy to fit and do not damage the board. Although it is not included, they simply clip on to a D ring or bungee cord, and once adjusted they will fit snugly to the side of your board. They do not damage the board in any way and they can easily be removed so that the D ring can be used for something else.

There are 4 clips included in this set, so you never have to worry about your paddle, and the clips can even be used to hold other items such as flip flops. These simple paddle holders are a great way to relax on your board, knowing you won’t have to swim after your lost paddle.

3. Carry strap

Paddle boards need to be carried from the car to the water. Although they are lightweight, they are still bulky, so the best way to carry them is with a carry strap.

This SUP Paddleboard Carrier/Storage Sling includes adjustable straps, so no matter what your size or height, or the size of the board, they will fit neatly around your SUP. The strap then goes across your shoulder, and this has a pad that fits comfortably over your shoulder. This pad is triple padded and made from Neoprene, so it is soft and comfortable and prevents the strap from digging too far in to your shoulder.

As well as the strap, this set has two adjustable Velcro straps which secure your paddle in place, making it easier to carry as well, and it won’t come loose as you walk. These straps are so strong you can use the paddle as a carry handle.

A lovely little extra with this carry strap, is the removable bag. This drawstring bag attaches to one of the straps strap and makes it easier for you to carry your personal items, such as a drink, sunscreen or phone, while you are carrying your board. This strap really does make it easy to carry your board, and it can also be used on surf boards as well.

4. Life vest

Anyone who enjoys water sports should use a life vest. Relaxing on a paddle board is wonderful, but if you fall off you have to remember there may be undercurrents or tides you can’t see, so a life vest should always be worn for your own safety.

When paddle boarding, you don’t want a heavy life vest, and the Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest is one of the best. Its design helps it to mould to the shape of your body, but it is ventilated and the front and the back to keep you cool too.

The vest contains lightweight flotation foam, so it’s not heavy to wear and it won’t restrict your movements while paddling. The straps and size are all easily adjustable so it fits any size, and it will not move about while you are wearing it. The shoulder straps include neoprene pads for added comfort so that the straps won’t dig in while you are wearing it.

This life vest also has expandable pockets which are zippered and have mesh drainage to dry them out, so you can keep a waterproof pouch with your phone in it too. As an added extra it comes with a whistle attached should you find yourself in trouble. When you have finished paddling, there is a convenient drying loop at the back so it’s ready to be worn again.

5. Doggles

This SUP accessory may not be for everyone, but we had to include it. Many paddlers like to be accompanied by their dogs, who just love to paddle board too.

While life vests for dogs are always considered, sun glasses can sometimes be overlooked. Dogs eyes can be very sensitive when out in the sun or on water. Just like humans, if a dog is out in the sun all day, their eyes can be affected by UV rays. Doggles help to shield them from these.

It’s not so well known that if dogs get salt water in their eyes, it can cause an infection, so doggles help protect them from this, as well as from sand or other debris which can be blown around. They’re also wonderful if your dog likes to travel with you with his head hanging out of your car window.

The Doggles Originalz Frame Goggles for Dogs will not only make your dog look cool with their smoky lenses, but they provide excellent protection from UV rays. The lens is shatterproof so there is no danger to your dog, and there are two adjustable straps so they will fit your dog perfectly without them being too tight, and they can be adjusted to suit different sizes of dog too. The inside of the lens is foam covered so they are comfortable on their eyes.

These can also be used for general use away from paddle boarding, wherever your dog may be at risk from UV rays or from debris.

Our Final Thoughts

As you progress with your paddle boarding you will soon find plenty of accessories available to help you with everything from carrying your board, to getting the best experience from it. While some accessories may seem pretty straightforward, always take time to read up on their features. As our selection of SUP accessories has shown – some may offer you a little more than others.