my paddle board
My paddle board!

Hey there, welcome to SUPReady, a guide to everything related to stand-up paddle boarding.

Who Am I?

My name is Simon, and I setup and run SUPReady.com. I am, at present, a very keen, but novice stand up paddle boarder. I have spent a lot of money and time learning all I can about this sport. Because I have a growing passion for the sport, I have done a ridiculous amount of research, research and more research on everything about and related to paddle boarding.

Why SUPReady?

As I was reading an article about paddle boarding online, I thought to myself ‘There’s no really go sites out there talking specifically about stand-up paddle boarding’. It’s true, there are lots of sites that cover a wide range of aquatic sports and pastimes, there’s lots that cover surfing and all the offshoots but there’s a severe lacking in sites dedicated to paddle boarding.

I wanted to change all that. I figured there were probably hundreds, maybe even thousands of people out there in a similar position to me – novice paddle boarders, looking, no, itching to find out as much as they could about this sport.

When you start learning something new or want to improve your skills, you want to consume as much information as you can and that’s where SUPReady.com comes into play.

I wanted to put all the research I did for myself to good use and create a resource for others interested in this fun and exhilarating sport.

meWhat You Can Learn from SUPReady.com

I have tried to leave no stone unturned when it comes to paddle boarding, therefore, from this site along you will find helpful guides covering all sorts of key topics, including:

  • Where stand up paddle boarding originates from
  • How to actually paddle board (I have written numerous blog posts covering different
    aspects, tips and other helpful information)
  • The cost of paddle boards
  • The size of paddle board you need
  • The conditions you need to have success paddle boarding
  • How to paddle board and fish
  • How to paddle board with your dog

Recommended Stand Up Paddle Boarding Products and Accessories

From the boards and paddles themselves to the wetsuits, goggles, lessons and any other accessories and equipment you need, this is not a cheap sport to get involved with. The again, if you are going to attempt to do any sport, particularly those based in the water or on the snow, you can usually pay quite a few bucks for the privilege. That’s another reason why SUPReady.com was created – to provide reliable information and recommendations about the best products, not just in terms of their functionality, but also their overall value for money.

Now you know what SUPReady.com is all about, I hope you take the time to stop by and have a look at some (or maybe all) of the great posts I’ve put together. They were made with you in mind, as fellow stand up paddle boarding novices and hope they help you out!