Our 3 Best Stand Up Paddle Boarding eBooks

There are many guides and manuals to help you perfect your paddle boarding technique. Whether you’re looking for help with the basics, ways to develop your racing or surfing techniques, or simply find ways to relax on the water, there will be an eBook to help. In fact, there are so many books available that it can be hard to decide which ones are the best. We’ve chosen 3 of the best selling and most highly rated eBooks which we think will help you develop all aspects of your stand up paddle boarding.

1. How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance by Suzie Cooney

Serious paddle boarders will know Suzie’s name. She is one of the first females to succeed in competitive paddle boarding and has been competing in and writing about the sport for many years. After an injury which left her in a wheelchair for two months, she used stand up paddle boarding as a form of rehabilitation and now she shares her story and tips with everyone.

The founder of the “STAND UP For Women’s Health & Fitness,” event, ambassador for ATHLETA and Nominee for SUP Female Paddler of the year since 2012, she certainly has the experience to help beginners and more experienced paddlers alike.

‘How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance’ covers every aspect of stand up paddle boarding. It offers advice on nutrition, training and a look at the gear you need. In fact it contains so much useful information that it’s sometimes referred to as the SUP Bible.

Suzie is a natural teacher and has an easy way of explaining everything. The book also includes many step by step photographs which are designed to show you many techniques to help you improve your SUP performance.

There are sections covering:

  • ways to improve your cardio capacity and increase your endurance, so that you can paddle harder and for longer
  • balancing techniques which will help beginners and experienced racers
  • methods to help you react faster to changing conditions, including breaking waves or tight buoy turns in a race

The book also explains how nutrition and various foods affect your body and offers suggestions and ideas to help you get the best from your training and perform your best on race day. Nutrition can also affect your mental attitude and Suzie also helps you create the best attitude to control your SUP.

As well as all this, there is the option to download a training log which you can personalize for your own fitness and goals. Everything is explained so you can set yourself achievable goals and increase these as you get fitter.

Everything is explained in an easy to understand way and the photographs included in the book make it easier to pick up the techniques described. It covers everything you need to take you from a beginner to a seasoned paddler, and it makes it easier for you to achieve maximum fitness in the process.

If you’re an experienced paddler and you think you know it all – then think again. This book offers the best advice so you can get the best from your paddle boarding experiences.

2. The Ultimate Stand Up Paddle Guide Series – Book 1 & 2 (Stand Up Paddle Guides 3) by Jon Michaels

Jon Michaels is another experienced paddler who has a lot of advice to share with the SUP community. Ever since his childhood he has loved the water, growing up in California where he spent a lot of time both in and on the water. Over the years he has traveled the globe and spent time in California, Hawaii, England, Australia and New Zealand where he learnt how to adapt paddling to different water conditions.

It was during his travels that he got involved in paddle boarding. He introduced it to some areas while it was still relatively unknown and since then he’s instructed people about all aspects of paddle boarding, and taken part in it himself.

‘The Ultimate Stand Up Paddle Guide Series – Book 1 & 2’ represents great value for money and is the #1 best seller in Amazon’s ‘watersports’ category. The two books contain everything you need to know to get started in paddle boarding, as well as advice on techniques and tips for experts. The books also include guides and videos to make things easier to understand.

The books each offer their own advice.

Book 1

In the first of the series you learn all the basics of paddle boarding. It will take you from learning how to get on your board and balance, and the best stance to paddle. From there it teaches you the skills you need to progress with your chosen sport. It also includes sections about the gear you will need, making sure that you have just what you need for your chosen sport. The tips given in this book also help more experienced paddlers.

Book 2

The second book is aimed at those who have some paddle boarding experience and helps you to develop some advanced SUP techniques. It will help anyone who wishes to develop skills in SUP surfing, SUP racing, river and white water paddling as well as those simply wishing to increase their paddling skills and stamina.

The books are easy to read and written so that everyone can understand them. Even if you’ve enjoyed paddle boarding for some time, there will be something in here to help you improve your SUP techniques.

3. SUP: Spiritual Understanding & Prayer on a Stand Up Paddleboard by Lori Bumgarner

Lori’s book, ‘SUP: Spiritual Understanding & Prayer on a Stand Up Paddleboard’, deals with the more spiritual side of paddling, which is no surprise as she is the owner of paNASH, an organisation which helps you develop your passion for what you do. She is a certified life coach, certified transformational coach and experienced paddle boarder. Her advice is useful in all walks of life, but this book is aimed at helping you to create the perfect, calming paddle board experience.

She began paddle boarding in 2014 as a means of escaping her hectic lifestyle and like many others, this soon became her passion. Her paddle boarding became a quiet haven away from the stresses and strains of a busy life. During her time spent on the water she got in touch with her spiritual side and she has included passages dedicated to the devotions she learnt during these times of reflection.

This book may not help you develop techniques for better boarding, but it does teach the art of relaxation and reflection while enjoying the peace and quiet of the water. She teaches you to understand how prayer can help you and this book is great help to anyone looking to carry out SUP yoga or to those who simply want to tour the waters and relax in the process.

Even if you do not consider yourself a religious person, this book will help you to enjoy your paddling more. As a bonus, all of the profits from the sale of this book go towards helping her own fund, which helps those who receive help from non-profit organizations such as Project Connect Nashville and Justice & Mercy International.